Technical Data

In addition to providing customers with steel reinforcing solutions across the entire building and construction industry, Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing have an experienced and highly skilled team of schedulers, engineers and technical service personnel who can offer advice on the most suitable reinforcing solutions, appropriate Standards  and guidance on the technical aspects of reinforcing steels. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing also provides an extensive range of technical resources such as REODATA 4.1, conference paper and design booklets as well as product application advice which are able to be utilised by structural and civil engineers and engineering students.


REODATA is a comprehensive technical booklet containing information on reinforcing standards, information on how to use reinforcing products, and also the range of Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing specialised solutions to save time, cost and resources.

With 62 pages of comprehensive data, the REODATA technical guide aims to provide information and references to assist engineers and specifiers with all aspects of steel reinforcing. Comprehensive products details include the latest information on 500PLUS® REBAR and ONEMESH® steel reinforcement as well as easy-to-read reference tables on reinforcing bar and mesh with details on how to bend, rebend, weld and join reinforcing steels.

REODATA is available free from all Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing branches or a copy can be requested by emailing

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REBAR & REOMESH Designations

The notations used in a reinforcing schedule on construction drawings can vary depending on their origin. To eliminate ambiguity, the designations used for REBAR and REOMESH are outlined according to the Australian Standards and their abbreviated form. Designations include Hot Rolled Ribbed Rebar, Hot Rolled Plain Round Rebar, Cold Drawn Round Wire, Cold Rolled Ribbed Wire, Square Mesh, Rectangular Mesh and Trench Mesh.

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Bending, Rebending, Welding and Machine threaded bar applications advice

Application of 500PLUS Reinforcing Bars has a number of guidelines, which should be adhered to, that comply with Australian Standards. The document outlines the considerations and specifications for bending, welding and temperature effects of reinforcing steels. This also includes recommendations for machine threaded bars to show the minimum effective yield stresses and tensile stresses for optimum use.

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REO Calculator

The REO calculator has been developed to determine the nominal areas of main rebar and reomesh manufactured to AS/NZS 4671 - 2001 : Steel reinforcing materials, by Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing. The cross-sectional area of ribbed bars is taken as the calculated area of a circle having the same diameter as the bar size to three significant figures. This calculator assists in determining the correct spacings and sizes.

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Student Thesaurus

The Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing student thesaurus aims to provide an introduction to the common terms used within the reinforced concrete construction industry. This summary includes terms such as detailing, ligatures, piles and post tensioned concrete for students to better understand the reinforcing process.

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REBAR Standards History

The REBAR standards history contains information on Hot Rolled Plain Round Reinforcing Bars, Hot Rolled Deformed Bar Reinforcing Steels, Cold Twisted Bar Reinforcing Steels. Product information such as mechanical properties, chemical grade and mill marking identification is included.

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Crack Control of Slabs - Design Booklet

The Crack Control of Slabs Design Booklet covers important issues concerning the design and detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Residential Slabs and Footings, and Concrete Pavements for AS 3600 - 2009 : Concrete structures. Design considerations such as, Crack Width Limits, Cracking of Reinforced Concrete Slabs and actions causing Cracking of Reinforced Concrete Slabs, are included. The use of 500PLUS reinforcing steel is also covered to provide distinct benefits of using higher strength steel in concrete structures and design.

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Minimising Crack Control Reinforcement - Design Booklet

The Minimising Crack Control Reinforcment Addendum covers additional design rules around critical tensile zones for flexural crack control reinforcement, crack control of slabs for shrinkage and temperature effects, placement of longitudinal tensile reinforcement across top-flanges of T-beams and the methods of analysis.

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Cross-section Strength of Columns - Design Booklet

The Cross-section Strength of Columns Design Booklet covers design concepts and models based on the stress-strain relationships for the steel and concrete. Cross-section strength models also include axial compression, combined compression and bending, slenderness and biaxial bending effects.

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Crack Control of Beams - Design Booklet

The Crack Control of Beams Design Booklet covers design concepts and models based on the control of flexural and tensile cracking in reinforced concrete beams in accordance with AS 3600 - 2009 : Concrete structures. The crack control of beams model also includes, cracking in tension and flexural elements, actions causing cracking of reinforced concrete beams and crack widths as a function of bar diameters.

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Advanced Design Slab Deflections Seminar Paper

The Advanced Design Slab Deflections seminar paper addresses the design of one-way slabs. It includes, section analysis – when the section properties of the slab must be determined and, member analysis - when load distribution and support conditions must also be considered. Refined and simplified calculations for determining the deflection of slabs are also outlined.

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Advanced Design Columns Seminar Paper

The Advanced Design Columns seminar paper addresses the design rules used in the determination of the cross-sectional strength of a conventionally reinforced column.


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500PLUS® REBAR Overview Video.

OneSteel Reinforcing has developed a complete range of innovative products to meet the needs of the commercial construction industry. The PLUS in 500PLUS® represents a unique range of value-added benefits that are only available from OneSteel Reinforcing.

Commercial Construction Solutions.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing provides innovative prefabricated reinforcing solutions to the commercial and civil construction industry that reduces time, labour and costs, and takes steelfixing off the critical path streamlining construction. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is ACRS certified with world-class manufacturing facilities and provide engineering advice and technical support. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing's engineered reinforcing solutions are used extensively throughout the mining, construction, civil infrastructure development and housing industries.