Other Solutions

Offsite prefabrication such as cages, columns and BAMTEC® engineered reinforcing carpets offer numerous benefits such as allowing the size and positioning of reinforcing steel to be optimised with variable diameters and spacings, to earning Green Star rating points for your project.
Customised special run mesh can minimise duplication of reinforcing steel and scrap losses that result from excess lapping and trimming of mesh sheets. Engineered and tailored mesh solutions can include variable wire spacing and wire diameters, and optimised mesh size.

By talking with Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing in the early stages of your project we can suggest design techniques to optimise reinforcing material use. This can improve the sustainability credentials of the project and also potentially allow the awarding of Green Star® steel credit points.

Over 25 years experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying the Australian mining industry with strata control solutions. Our technical support, design services and dedicated facilities continue to be a leading choice for purpose-fit strata control mesh for underground mining applications.