Housing And Renovation Solutions

Where a conventional slab-on-ground is desired, Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing also offers a ONESLAB® package for all materials needed to set up and reinforce the slab including reinforcing mesh, Trench meshFooting Cages and Cut & Bent REBAR.

ONEMESH® and compact sheets of UTEMESH® are ideal for reinforcing the slabs in garages, driveways and paths.
Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing can also assist with the supply of stencil concrete moulds and materials for coloured and patterned driveways and pavements.

We offer an extensive range of building accessories including bar chairs, steelfixing materials, dowelsjointing materials, polythene sheetingcrack inducers and various types of galvanized lintels.

With an national branch and distributor network, our experienced team of national and regional engineers are never too far away to offer the right support and design assistance to your residential projects. We also understand that local knowledge and local supply is important to you to keep all your projects on schedule and cost effective.

All well-built concrete pools have reinforcing steel as their backbone. The reinforcing steel gives the pool strength and durability, and for many years the best reinforcing steel for pools has been POOLSTEEL® from Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing REBAR and REOMESH® products are independently certified by an Authority for Reinforcing Steels called ACRS (Australian Certification to confirm compliance to Australian Standards).