Commercial Construction

With the reinforcing industry’s most capable engineers and project managers Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has unparalleled knowledge in understanding the best design, manufacturing and installation processes to ensure reinforcing is detailed for the best ‘buildability’ outcomes.
Accurate and timely scheduling is crucial in keeping a project running smoothly. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has highly skilled and experienced scheduling teams across Australia that are available to ensure your project stays on track, on-time and trouble free.
We look at the details such as how prefab elements need to be lifted and handled, have lifting points been certified, do loads have to be pre-slung before they leave the yard and, if so, how and where? By understanding and managing every requirement, we can save time and reduce risks onsite.
Project Management

We know the critical importance of keeping strict control of a project’s costs, logistics and supply chain. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has dedicated project managers to work with your team to manage the changes while keeping everyone informed and the project on schedule.

Purpose fit Prefab
Offsite prefabrication such as piles, columns and cages offers numerous benefits, ranging from reducing steelfixing, speeding up building programs to minimising onsite risks to workers, to earning Green Star® rating points for your project. Building prefabrication value is part of our process.
Safety And Risk Management
We understand the importance of logistics to deliver steel from our site to yours, and know that not all project sites are the same. We will take the time to understand your requirements, and work to minimise the risks associated with transporting and lifting safely at your site. Our certifications can be based on each individual product and factor in any specific lifting requirements you may have.