Civil Construction Solutions

Accurate and timely scheduling is crucial in keeping a project running smoothly. Working with Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing in the early phases of your project allows our team to assist you to identify how to reduce your overall cost through optimising steel usage whilst still retaining the all-important ‘Buildability’ to ensure your project remains on schedule.
Project Management
We recognise the importance of keeping strict control of the project’s costs, logistics and supply chain. After all, time is money and suppliers that hold up your project up aren’t appreciated. Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has a team of dedicated project managers and schedulers who leverage a formal methodology and can dovetail right into your on-site project management team.
Prefab Columns
Offsite prefabrication such as piles, columns and cages offers numerous benefits, ranging from reducing steelfixing, speeding up building programs to minimising onsite risks to workers, to earning Green Star® rating points for your project. Building prefabrication value is part of our process.
Staged Construction
Whether it’s a staged construction or column-to-wall connections, utilising 500PLUS® REIDBAR® with coupler systems allows continuous reinforcing through the slab. Simplifying detailing and reducing conjestion of reinforcing and are just one of the many ways Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing can help improve the construction process.
By incorporating 500PLUS® BAMTEC® rollout carpets into CRCP projects such as highway construction, critical paths can be considerably shortened along with substantially reducing costs and excess labour on site.
Logistics Management
Our customers call on us to solve their problems; not create them. Our team members take no chances on safety and we ensure our onsite and product handling safety procedures align with yours to eliminate confusion and minimise risk.